President's Welcome

Inaugurated in 2017, the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (UCASS) was established on the basis of the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (since 1978), while incorporating undergraduate and part of the graduate education resources from China Youth University of Political Studies (since 1985). Drawing upon the unparalleled assets of research teams and academic resources of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences which is regarded as the foremost research institution for humanities and social sciences in China, UCASS is dedicated to fostering outstanding talents and forerunners in humanities and social sciences as it strives to become one of first-rate universities of liberal arts in China.

The true mission of a university lies within its assiduous quest for truth, prudent and rational reflection on knowledge, compassionate concerns about practical issues and insatiable thirst for innovation. UCASS upholds its motto to inspire every one of the UCASS community to excel as Diligent Learners, Prudent Thinkers, Discerning Researchers and Passionate Doers, encouraging and supporting every student and faculty member to stretch their limits so as to make a positive difference not only in their own academic pursuit, but also towards national prosperity and social progress.

With talent cultivation at its core of operations, UCASS has introduced a series of distinctive models that seek to offer all-round education in every possible endeavor, including an academic tutor system featuring mentorship, an accelerated pathway of integrated bachelor-master-doctor programs and joint education programs through international partnerships. UCASS highly values its productive cooperation with preeminent universities, institutions and organizations around the world for partnerships that truly nurture growth opportunities to the benefits of academics, researchers, students and faculty members. Through the collaboration platforms with international partners, UCASS encourages students to undertake overseas visits and exchanges, allowing them to expand their intellectual horizons through experiencing different cultures and learning models.

Determined to live up to its mission, UCASS fully embraces the opportunities and challenges the new era presents to universities as it makes its due share of contribution to the community of shared future for mankind. Hereby, UCASS welcomes anyone who shares our passion to join us in a concerted effort to explore academic issues in various disciplines and advance higher education to a new level. As UCASS embarks on the grand enterprise of developing a world-class university of liberal arts with Chinese characteristics, it's my privilege to invite you to participate in this journey and witness together the progress and prosperity of the world.

Zhang Zhengwen, Professor

UCASS President