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UCASS welcomed its first international student (recruited under the name of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) in 1997. Many of the international alumni take up core positions in either China or their home countries, making a real difference to the arenas of academics, businesses, industries and politics in their respective areas.UCASS provides Ph.D. Programs and Master Programs in a variety of disciplines for students from abroad, who will study and do research under the instructions of highly experienced researchers of various research institutions of CASS. Starting from 2021, UCASS offers both Chinese-taught graduate programs in Beijing and English-taught Ph.D. programs in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.


For current enrollment policy,guides and application forms, please click the appropriate links below to download the specific files:

2023 【English-taught Graduate Programs】

2022 【Chinese-taught Graduate Programs】


○ 1.List_of_Master's_Programs_for_International_Students_2022

○ 2.List_of_Ph.D._Programs_for_International_Students_2022

○ 3.International_Student_Application_Form_(for_Chinese_taught_Programs)

○ 4.Letter_of_Authorization


2022 [English-taught Graduate Programs]


○ 1.2022_English_Taught_Doctoral_Degree_Programs_for_International_Students

○ 2.2022_Faculty_Profiles_of_English_taught_Programs 

○ 3.2022_Special_Scholarship_Application_Guide_for_Intl_Students_of_Huangpu_Institute

○ 4.International_Student_Application_Form_for_English_taught_Programs

○ 5.Scholarship_Application_Form

○ 6.Template_Letter_of_Recommendation

○ 7.Foreigner_Physical_Examination_Form


2021 【Chinese-taught Graduate Programs】

Admission Guide for International Students 2021

List of Master's Programs for International Students 2021

List of Ph. D. Programs for International Students 2021

2021 English-taught Graduate Programs


Admission Guide for International Ph.D. Students 2021

List of Majors for Ph. D. Programs for International Students 2021

Faculty Profiles

○ Application Form for English-taught Programs 2021

○ Template-Letter of Recommendation for English-taught Programs 2021

○ Guarantee of Financial Support for English-taught Programs 2021

○ Foreigner Physcial Examination Form for English-taught Programs 2021

○ Scholarship Application Form 2021

○ Scholarship Application Guide 2021





2020 【Chinese-taught Graduate Programs】

2020 International Student Enrollment Guidelines

2020 International Master's Student Enrollment Brochure

2020 Doctor's Student Enrollment Brochure


For further information, please visit UCASS International Exchange and Cooperation Division ( approach us via email at for English-taught Ph.D. programs, and for Chinese-taught graduate programs.