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Here Rings the School Bell - New Semester Starts at UCASS as Scheduled


UCASS officially kicked off its unusual new semester on March 2nd. Brimming with enthusiasm, the teaching faculty and students of   UCASS community sounded the “bell” of their first online courses as scheduled.

On the first day of classes, a total of 76 undergraduate courses were offered through 99 classes. With 72 faculty members engaged in the first day's delivery of remote education, the program reached out to our students with 3,133 learning sessions. All ongoing courses have been well-delivered in a robust manner, thanks to the great dedication and commitment of teachers to make the courses accessible and the students' readiness and eagerness to embrace knowledge through this new form of learning.

Among all the undergraduate courses delivered on the first day, a rich combination of tools and platforms has been explored and adopted: 1) 46 courses were taught through online tutoring and instructions;  2) 27 courses were empowered by the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms;  3) 10 courses were predominately delivered through live streaming; 4) 10 courses made use of the UCASS-constructed online platform; 5) 6 courses adopted an integrated strategy of combining live streaming, recorded broadcast and MOOC.

University administrators supervised the first day of the spring semester through access to live streaming lectures and video-connections. The Academic Management Division also worked alongside specialists of expert panels and heads of schools through various forms of inspection and supervision.

To continue to fulfill our teaching mission during the pandemic without affecting the quality or variety of courses, UCASS has proactively planned ahead with a holistic view to pool resources and taken a tailored approach to each and every course. As UCASS ventures into the new world of remote learning, the flexible tools of distance education were selected to meet the specificity of each course. The synergies of multiple platforms that connect online and offline learning experiences serve to support our students throughout these unusual circumstances.

Fully prepared, UCASS stands ready to deliver the 302 undergraduate courses through its 376 classes throughout this semester.