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UCASS School of History Initiates Its Practice-Oriented Teaching Base, with Successful Commencement of the First Lecture of Lantai Forum by the Chinese Academy of History


The UCASS School of History successfully inaugurated its Practice-Oriented Teaching Base on April 2, along with the newly commencedLantai Forum(‘Lantai’ for archive pavilion) by theChinese Academy ofHistory. The ceremony was set in motion by Prof. Gao Xiang, Vice President of CASS andDirector-General of the Chinese Academy ofHistory and Prof. Zhang Zhengwen, President of UCASS. Opening speeches were given subsequently by Prof. Li Guoqiang, DeputyDirector-General of Chinese Academy ofHistory and Prof. Zhang.

Inaugurated within theChinese Academy ofHistory, the new teaching base represents yet another innovative endeavor to deliver on the operational strategy ofintegrated research and education, as instructed by CASS leadership. With the aim to enhance talent cultivation in history studies, the initiative stands ready to facilitate the high-quality development of Chinese history studies in the new era.

In the wake of the inauguration ceremony, the first lecture of Lantai Forum was delivered by Prof. Wangwei, CASS Member, Senior Fellow of the Institute of Archaeology, and Head of CASS Academic Division of History. The intriguing presentation onthe Origins of Chinese Civilization: From Archaeologists’ Perspectivehas drawn nearly 200 audience on site, as well as active participants online through live broadcast during interactive sessions. Part of faculty members and students of UCASS also listened to this academic lecture.