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The Signing Ceremony for Cooperation between UCASS and Beijing Procuratorate Alongside the Symposium on Procuratorate Big Data Research and Application


On the morning of August 17, UCASS and the People’s Procuratorate of Beijing Municipality (Beijing Procuratorate) held a signing ceremony for cooperation alongside the Symposium on Procuratorate Big Data Research and Application. Zhang Zhengwen, the President of UCASS, and Zhu Yapin, the Chief Prosecutor of Beijing Procuratorate, both attended the ceremony. Guests present at the event also included Mo Jihong, Director General of the Institute of Law of CASS, and Dean of the School of Law of UCASS; Lin Wei, Vice President of UCASS; Zhang Zhaoxia, Deputy Chief Prosecutor of Beijing Procuratorate; Wang Haijiang, Director of the Political Department of Beijing Procuratorate, among others. The collaboration is intended to catalyze the integration of legal education offered by UCASS and practice opportunities available at Beijing Procuratorate for better and stronger talent cultivation. It will also step up research on procuratorial topics at UCASS and enable better performance at Beijing Procuratorate.

Following the signing ceremony, the symposium was held with engaging discussions around big data research and its procuratorial application. Lin Wei, Vice President of UCASS, and Liu Hui, Chief Prosecutor of the People’s Procuratorate of Haidian District, introduced collaborative endeavors between both sides in handling cases. Mo Jihong and Wang Haijiang exchanged views on the necessity of collaboration and implementation measures required thereof. Liu Xiaochun, the Executive Director of the Internet Research Center on Rule of Law at UCASS, and Yan Zhongyi, the head of the Beijing Procuratorial Science and Technology Center, spoke on the imperatives of collaboration on big data research and application on procuratorate.

Zhang Zhengwen, President of UCASS and Zhu Yapin, Chief Prosecutor of Beijing Procuratorate 

Signed the Cooperative Agreement

UCASS President Zhang Zhengwen concluded that the framework agreement on strategic cooperation between UCASS and Beijing Procuratorate is an extension of the existing close collaboration between two sides, paving the path for a more extensive and intensive partnership. Looking into the future, UCASS will start to recruit prosecutors with rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience from Beijing Procuratorate to participate in UCASS teaching and outreach activities, initiate discipline development of procuratorial science, and strengthen research cooperation in big data-driven procuratorial actions, intellectual property rights protection, juvenile protection, public interest litigation, among others.