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CASS President Shi Taifeng Visited UCASS


During an inspection visit to UCASS on September 16, Shi Taifeng, the President of CASS and Secretary of the CASS Leading Party Members’ Group, highlighted the importance to fully understand and honor the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s expositions on education. Under Xi’s guidance, the university should deliver on its fundamental mission of talent and moral cultivation, and build itself into a first-class socialist university of liberal arts with Chinese characteristics by fully leveraging its strength in integrated research and education. The inspection visit was accompanied by Gao Peiyong, Vice President of CASS, Member of the CASS Leading Party Members’ Group, and Secretary of UCASS Party Committee.

Shi Taifeng, CASS President, Inspected UCASS

Apart from visits to the Media Convergence Laboratory, library, and school history museum of UCASS, Shi was updated on UCASS’s development, disciplines, teaching materials, faculty development, campus environment and infrastructure. He stated that the quality management of UCASS is a major political mandate of CASS commissioned by the Central Committee of CPC. Building upon the assets of CASS in scientific research and talent resources, as well as its own strengths in research-education integration, UCASS has seen improvements across the board since its establishment 5 years ago.

Shi Taifeng, CASS President, Heard Briefings During Inspection

Shi Taifeng underlined the imperative to uphold and strengthen the Party’s overall leadership, with all-out efforts to implement the Party’s education policies. With a commitment to cultivate talents based on Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, UCASS shall enhance ideological and political education in the right direction, and strive to cultivate politically reliable talents with excellent academic proficiency in humanities and capability to take on the great mission of national rejuvenation. As it further deepens its institutional reform, UCASS shall make the most of its feature of integrated research and education to boost school management, develop its faculty team, and improve the quality of school management in an all-round manner. With keen political awareness, the leadership of UCASS should strengthen their sense of responsibility and step up efforts in pandemic prevention and control with meticulous actions to ensure the safety of students and stability on campus, in an effort to prepare for the upcoming 20th CPC National Congress.