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Vice President Zhang Bo Attended the International Seminar in Parallel to the 51st UNHRC


On September 27, the international seminar entitled Promote Exchanges and Mutual Learning Among Civilizations, Build an Open and Inclusive World was held virtually by the United Nations Association of China (UNA-China). In parallel to the 51st Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (51st UNHRC), the seminar welcomed inputs from participants on such subjects as cultural diversity, exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations, and promotion of an open and inclusive world.

Prof. Zhang Bo, Vice President of UCASS, delivered a speech featuring the role of education. Recognizing the critical function of education in promoting exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations, Prof. Zhang elaborated on the need for educational cooperation, in order to facilitate mutual understanding between people, especially the youth, across different countries and foster their friendship towards greater cross-civilization exchanges.

Participants who delivered speeches at the seminar also included Wang Chao, President of Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs and President of UNA-China; Paolo Gerbaudo, Director of the Center for Digital Culture at King’s College London; Clifford A Kiracofe, President of Washington Institute for Peace and Development, and Harvey Dzodin, Senior Researcher of Center for China and Globalization.