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Fostering Stronger Academic Collaboration: Visit of Muhammad Abdurahmon from NAST to UCASS


Muhammad Abdurahmon, the Vice President of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan (NAST), along with a delegation, paid a visit to UCASS on December 28. In a warm and amicable setting within Conference Room 308 of Administration Building, President Zhang Zhengwen of UCASS engaged in fruitful discussions with the esteemed guests to explore avenues for potential future collaborations.

During the meeting, Mr. Zhang provided an overview of UCASS and highlighted the longstanding friendship between China and Tajikistan. He emphasized the deepening scholarly cooperation in social sciences from both nations over recent years, acknowledging NAST’s indispensable contributions to this partnership. As he articulated a vision for expanded cooperation, Mr. Zhang proposed initiatives such as mutual visits, exchange programs for experts and scholars, hosting international students, and establishing joint research centers to leverage each country’s academic prowess in social sciences for the benefit of both peoples.

In response, Mohammad Abdulrahman shared NAST’s historical evolution and key research domains. While underscoring existing close ties with China across various academic disciplines, he identified room for growth specifically within philosophy and social sciences. He expressed eagerness to bolster collaboration with UCASS to fortify the research capabilities of both sides in these areas, preparing to jointly confront emerging challenges on the academic frontier.

Participants from both sides engaged in fruitful discussions on prospective areas of collaboration, including extensive consensus on joint postgraduate training programs, academic exchanges, and collaborative research center. Both sides expressed a collective aspiration for the meeting to serve as a catalyst for expanded horizons in future cooperative endeavors.