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UCASS and UCAS: Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation Signed for Collaborative Innovation


The signing ceremony of the Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation between the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) and the University of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (UCASS) was held in Beijing on November 15th. Prof. Li Shushen, Vice President of CAS and President of UCAS, and Prof. Gao Peiyong, Vice President of CASS, both delivered remarks in commemoration of the occasion. Senior administrators and heads of relevant departments from both sides were present to witness the signing of the agreement, including Prof. Dong Junshe and Prof. Su Gang, Vice President of UCAS; Prof. Zhang Zhengwen, President of UCASS; Prof. Wang Bing, Prof. Lin Wei and Prof. Zhang Shuhui, Vice President of UCASS.


Prof. Su Gang and Prof. Zhang Zhengwen jointly signed the Bilateral Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation between the two universities, according to which both sides will fully leverage their own strengths to complement each other in the all-around strategic cooperation. With concerted efforts on collaborative innovation, both sides seek to better cultivate talents with integrity and ingenuity, so as to contribute to the national strategy on innovation-driven development.




The strategic endeavor between UCASS and UCAS represents the commitment from both sides to live up to the strategic plan envisioned by the State Council to accelerate pace to create more world-class universities and disciplines. By strengthening synergies in innovation across universities with varying backgrounds, each side stands to grow stronger in improving its disciplines and level of excellence of its talent.

Following the signing ceremony, administrators led by Prof. Li from UCAS were invited to visit the History Museum of the CASS.