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Colloquium Series on Policy and Realities by CASS Members: The Sixth Session - Prof. Li Lin


The Sixth Session of Colloquium Series on Policy and Realitiesby CASS Members was held at Liangxiang Campus (R140, Administration Building) on the afternoon of November 15th, 2019. Chaired by Prof. Wang Xinqing, Vice President of UCASS, the talk was delivered by Prof. Li Lin, a member and research fellow of CASS and former director of the Institute of Law. All undergraduates of Fall 2018 and 2019 along with representatives of undergraduates of Fall 2017 were present to draw inspirations from the key learning and experience of China's 70 year journey of development in judicial system.

Under the title of 70 Years Journey of Rule of Law: Progress, Inspiration and Experience of the People’s Republic of China, Prof. Li revisited the glorious history and sound progress made by Chinese on socialist rule of law under the CPC leadership, elucidating the relevance and necessity of rule of law in the new era. To truly achieve harmony and social stability, and in particular to maintain lasting peace and political stability of a country, it ultimately comes down to the institutional setup. On that basis, Prof. Li summarized six highlights out of the 70 years' of experience on rule of law: Adherence to the CPC leadership on rule of law; to its people-centered approach; to socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics; to the combination of rule of law and rule of virtue; to the role of law-based governance; and to the overall coordination of domestic and international rule of law.

In his lecture, Prof. Li Lin categorized the steps taken and course of direction of the rule of law in China with a great wealth of historic evidence and resources, inspiring the prospective social scientists in the audience to work with greater diligence in their research endeavors and enhanced sense of responsibility to respond to their call of duty.

The lecture represents one episode of the Colloquium Series on Policy and Realitiesby CASS Members, jointly sponsored by the General Office of Academic Divisions of CASS and UCASS.