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CASS JM Summer Camp for Legal Professionals Wrapped Up with Success


On the morning of August 12, 2020, the firstCASSSummer Camp of Legal Professionalsfor UCASS (GSCASS) students of Juris Master degree commenced as scheduled at the library auditorium of the CASS Institute of Law.

The summer camp consists of the opening ceremony (also featuring the High-Level Academic Forum of CASS Legal Professionals), the Fifth “Social Sciences Cup” Forum for JM Students, overall competency assessment and the closing ceremony.

Held with both online and offline audience, the opening ceremony alongside the High-Level Academic Forum of CASS Legal Professionals was attended by a grand gathering of leaders and panelists, including Prof. Chen Guoping, Deputy Director-General of CASS Institute of Law; Prof. Tian He, Chief Editor of the institute publication ofBlue Book of Rule of Law; Prof. Xi Yuemin, Head of Economic Law Department of CASS Institute of Law, Deputy Dean of UCASS (GSCASS) Department of Law, and Director of Juris Master Center; Prof. Wu Yong, Executive Dean of UCASS School of Political Science and Law. A total of 100 summer camp participants from nationwide institutions of higher education joined the event with UCASS enrolled students online to engage with faculty members through cloud-based dialogues, as they listened to the video talk by Prof.Li Lin, Academician of CASS and former Director-General of the Institute of Law.

Sponsored by CASS Institute of Law and Institute of International Law, the Fifth “Social Sciences Cup” Forum for JM Students has been co-organized by UCASS (GSCASS) Department of Law and the Juris Master Center through Tencent (VooV) Meeting platform, with the support of Beijing Mugong Law Firm. This year’s forum was themed on “Corporate Governance and Compliance: Theory and Practice”. Chaired by Prof. Xi Yuemin, the forum has inspired online exchanges among graduates’ representatives from UCASS and beyond, as part of the observation session for camp participants. Award winners of the forum have also delivered keynote presentations on their winning articles, followed by professional comments and guidance from guest speakers and teachers.

TheCASSJM Summer Camp of Legal Professionalsstands to be a major platform to showcase the appeal of CASSJuris Master’s program, designed to allow more outstanding undergraduates to get an intensive glimpse into what UCASS JM has to offer in its graduate education program. Through videos, lectures, forum observations and online interactions, students have not only broadened their horizons and sharpened their communication skills academically, but also built their acquaintance with the Institute of Law and Institute of International Law, as they experienced first-hand the unique charm of UCASS JM program.