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UCASS 2020 Orientation Ceremony and Inauguration of Integrated Research and Education Institutions Held in Beijing


As UCASS celebrated itsorientation ceremony of the 2020 academic year in Beijing on September 29, the grand gathering was also designed to inaugurate its integrated research and education institutions. Prof. Xie Fuzhan, President of CASS,Prof. Wang Jingqing, Vice President of CASS and Secretary of the Party Committee of UCASS and Prof. Gao Peiyong,Vice President of CASS were all present to witness the event.

Prof. Xie Fuzhan noted in his opening address that an era of profound social transformations is bound to be a booming era for humanities and social sciences. From the moment when students present here chose UCASS and the cause of humanities and social sciences, they have already embarked on a journey where their personal ideals and future become deeply intertwined with the prospect of their homeland. He expected all students to forge ahead with utmost dedication as they strive to become fighters of the new era and prominent talents in their academic pursuit. Only by doing so will they be able to live up to the expectations of the era and stay true to their own choices.

Prof. Xie Fuzhan stated that the founding of 12 integrated research and education institutions represents a fresh start for UCASS. Efforts are required for UCASS to steer the right course of development, with priority given to quality improvement. By fully utilizing its strength and hallmarks, the CASS community stands ready to build UCASS into a first-class university in liberal arts with Chinese characteristics.

(Prof. Xie Fuzhan, President and Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of CASSgives a speech.)

In his remarks, Prof. Wang Jingqing underscored the ever-greater urgency in today’s demand for knowledge and accomplished talents in humanities and social sciences, hence the ever-stronger aspiration to build a top-notch university thereof. The 12 newly established UCASS institutions that integrate teaching with research are not only built upon four decades of CASS legacy in cultivating high-end talents, but also designed to be a future-oriented new milestone for UCASS to leapfrog forward. Graduate student advisers, appointed teachers, full-time faculties and distinguished professors are expected to brace up the spirit of craftsmanship in their cause of teaching and take on their responsibility as “ferry persons” to guide students. Meanwhile, the young students are urged to stay committed to their pursuit of academic excellence and aspiration for kindness, so as to fulfill what the prime of youth, their original ambition and their responsibility expect of them.

(Prof. Wang Jingqing, Vice President of CASS andSecretary of the Party Committeeof UCASS gives a speech.)

As part of the ceremony, Prof. GaoPeiyong announced the decisions on the establishment of 12 integrated research and education institutions and the appointment of deans thereof. CASS leaders who bore witness to the event conferred institution banners (as tokens of acknowledgment for the 12 newly founded institutions) to deans and Party secretaries as well as certificates of appointment to the 12 deans and distinguished professors.

To further restructure UCASS schools and departments with greater integration oof research and teaching and build a system of higher education with distinctive CASS features, 12integrated research and education institutions in philosophy, economics, law, international relations, Marxism, among others were established, with the heads of corresponding CASS institutes being appointed as deans. Multiple CASS academicians and second-rate research fellows were recognized as distinguished professors, alongside hundreds of research fellows hired as appointed teachers by UCASS.

(Prof. Zhang Zhengwen, President of UCASS, Presides over the Orientation Ceremony and Inauguration.)

The ceremony was chaired by Prof. Zhang Zhengwen, President of UCASS, with Prof. Wang Xinqing, Vice President and ViceSecretary of the Party Committeeof UCASS delivering certificatesof appointment to the representatives of appointed teachers. As Director of the Institute of Journalism and Communication Studies under CASS and Dean of the School of Journalism and Communication (formerly known as School of Media) of UCASS, Prof. Tang Xujun addressed the audience on behalf of UCASS faculties. The event had an attendance of nearly 500, including leaders of the newly established institutions, newly enrolled undergraduates and graduates, representatives of distinguished professors and faculty members, and the broader student community.