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Exploring Chinese Path to Modernization and Marxism in the 21st Century: Insights from the International Forum in Guangzhou


On October 28, the International Forum on Chinese Path to Modernization and Marxism in the 21st Century unfolded in Guangzhou, jointly orchestrated by Nankai University and the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (UCASS). The presence and academic presentation of Wang Weiguang, a revered figure holding professorships at both UCASS and Nankai University while directing the Research Institute for 21st-Century Marxism, underscored the forum’s academic gravitas. Notable figures such as Zhang Zhengwen, the President of UCASS; Li Jing, the Vice President of Nankai University; and Mei Shenghong, the Member of Standing Committee for Huangpu District CPC Committee in Guangzhou graced the opening ceremony with insightful remarks, setting an erudite tone for deliberations. The opening session was skillfully moderated by Zhang Bo, the Vice President of UCASS. The event attracted nearly 20 renowned experts and scholars from home and abroad, each contributing their wisdom through enlightening keynote addresses.

The event drew from a rich trove of expertise gathered from prestigious domestic institutions such as UCASS, Nankai University, China Social Sciences Press, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Tsinghua University, and Sun Yat-sen University alongside international counterparts from Russia and Mongolia. These eminent voices collectively unveiled nuanced analyses into the diverse facets of Chinese path to modernization, traversing the intricate terrains of its theoretical frameworks, tenets and philosophies. The speakers have also extolled its global significance and China’s role as a responsible major country.