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The Inauguration of UCASS Specialized History Library Celebrated at the Library and Archives of Chinese Academy of History


On January 29th, the inauguration of UCASS specialized library tailored for history majors kicked off at the Library and Archives of Chinese Academy of History. Dignitaries that were present to witness the occasion included Prof. Wang Xinqing, the Deputy Secretary of UCASS Party Committee and Vice President of UCASS; Prof. Li Guoqiang, the Deputy Director-General of Chinese Academy of History and Dean of School of History at UCASS; Prof. Lu Yusong, the Deputy Director-General of Chinese Academy of History, and Prof. Zhu Changrong, the Vice President of UCASS and Executive Dean of the School of History.

Li Guoqiang emphasized that integrating research with education stands as a pivotal strategic move by the CASS party leadership to elevate UCASS into a premier institution within social sciences. The Library and Archives of Chinese Academy of History, as a comprehensive repository for history, boasts strategic positioning and strong service orientation. It integrates resources from various institutes such as Archaeology, Ancient History, Modern History, World History, Borderland Studies among others. This consolidation features extensive collections characterized by rich academic heritage particularly renowned for its distinctive focus on specialized historical literature. This additional role is poised to enhance the research quality and educational standards at UCASS while advancing deeper convergence between academia and research activities and empower efforts on the double first-class initiative.

Zhu Changrong highlighted the significance of this event, as symbolizing a new chapter in the integration between the UCASS School of History and the Chinese Academy of History. As a research-oriented university under the auspices of CASS, UCASS is committed to a path of integrated research and education. It is also firmly grounded in its readiness to leverage the robust research capacities of CASS, which represents a pivotal strength and defining attribute in the academic pursuits of UCASS. The inauguration today opens up the access to the wealth of resources at the Library and Archives of Chinese Academy of History for faculty and students at UCASS. It will greatly mitigate resource constraints, especially on publications concerning historical studies. This endeavor also signifies a deeper reform in the mechanisms and systems governing the integration of research and education, channeling the formidable research resources of CASS into teaching strengths of UCASS.

Henceforth, this Library and Archives takes on a new title: the UCASS Specialized Library of History. It reflects the UCASS’s enduring commitment to further implement institutional strategies to foster research and education integration. It also embodies the dedication of Chinese Academy of History to execute decisions of CASS leadership and better support the faculty and students. Hand in hand, the two institutions will take strides towards greater integration and push for further progress in such integration reforms in UCASS.