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UCASS Research Highlights in 2023: With Focus on National Strategies, Stronger Integration of Research and Education, Robust Discipline Development, and Talent Cultivation


Throughout the year of 2023, UCASS meticulously outlined and executed notable endeavors, commencing with key research initiatives such as the Special Project on Research and Interpretation of the 20th CPC Congress, Special Project on Research and Interpretation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and Special Project on Research of Party Building Theory and Practice. Following thorough evaluation, a total of 12 projects were approved under this academic ambit. The university also inaugurated the Advanced Institute for Chinese Culture Inheritance and Development (Think Tank Center), serving as a pivotal research platform to delve into and interpret General Secretary Xi Jinping’s remarks at the Symposium on Cultural Inheritance and Development.

Over the course of the year, faculty members embarked on 180 new research projects encompassing diverse areas funded by prestigious entities, including 14 projects by National Social Science Fund, 7 initiatives in humanities and social sciences by Ministry of Education, 3 by the Beijing Municipal Social Science Foundation, alongside 18 additional provincial and ministerial-level research undertakings.

Their collective efforts resulted in substantial academic output with 502 scholarly papers in 2023, including 34 contributions to top-tier journals, 54 publications in esteemed periodicals, 182 pieces in reputable core journals. A total of 54 academic works by UCASS faculty were published. Such results have culminated in the accolade of 9 provincial and ministerial-level awards, including 3 distinctions conferred under the 11th CASS Outstanding Research Achievement Award, in addition to 6 other provincial and ministerial recognition. UCASS has also hosted 34 academic gatherings to foster intellectual exchanges.

Another highlight was the attainment of 5 projects designated as the Key Laboratory of Philosophy and Social Sciences by CASS, classified under grade one sponsored programs, incubator laboratories and database programs.

Moreover, strategic investments exceeding 3 million RMB were channeled towards empowering undergraduate seedling programs and supporting the research-based start-up initiatives of master’s and doctoral candidates. A total of 168 and 181 projects were initiated under such programs, encompassing a breadth of compelling inquiries and innovative projects. UCASS proudly recognized 54 outstanding projects as such by its students at various academic levels. In 2023, collaboration with schools and faculties under the seedling program resulted in the launch of 14 journals. Awards and accolades bestowed upon undergraduates and postgraduates underscored the UCASS’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding scholarly achievements, including 13 publications in revered journals and 45 contributions to core academic periodicals as part of the 60 acknowledged works from 2022 publications.